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Public Celebrations Committee


Description of Duties: Oversees Annual Labor Day Parade, including planning organizing marshals, dignitaries and other participants.
Special Credentials Required : None
Lenght of Terms Three Years
Dates/Times of Meetings: As needed
Number of Vacancies: None


Title Name of Person
Currently Holding Position
Expiration Date
of Appointment
Council Liaison Christine Faustini December 31, 2020
Member Bill Seesselberg December 31, 2022
Member Scott Miller December 31, 2022
Member Nicole Esposito December 31, 2022
Member Jennie Ratti December 31, 2022
Member Amy Bengivenga-Johnson December 31, 2020
Member Jessica Spina December 31, 2020
Member Stephanie Bartfalvi December 31, 2020
Member Stephanie Wolak December 31, 2020
Member Debra Leporino December 31, 2021
Member Gina Durso December 31, 2021
Member Kelly Daley December 31, 2021