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Office on Aging Advisory Committee


Description of Duties: Reviews policies and procedures of the Office on Aging and makes recommendations to the Executive Director.
Special Credentials Required : None
Lenght of Terms Three Years
Dates/Times of Meetings: Second Monday of every month beginning at 4:30pm (at Senior Center)
Number of Vacancies: None



Title Name of Person
Currently Holding Position
Expiration Date
of Appointment
Council Liaison Christine Faustini December 31, 2019

Senior Center Member

Tree Olano

December 31, 2019

Member April Bengivenga December 31, 2019
Member Arthur Osterberg December 31, 2019
Member Frank Lemos December 31, 2019
Member Gerry Brown December 31, 2020
Member Joanne O'Sullivan

December 31, 2020


Patricia Gustafson

December 31, 2020

Member Laura Lemos December 31, 2021


Eleanor Monks December 31, 2021