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My-Waste is HERE

South Plainfield residents can now get information about the Borough’s recycling and bulky waste programs at the click of a mouse or the touch of a screen. Recycling collection schedules, program requirements, reminders and emergency cancellation notices can be sent to any registered computer, smart phone or other mobile device. The app includes a “What Goes Where?” feature, as well as tips about living green.

The Recycle Coach widget can be found on the Department of Public Works and the Recycling Program pages. Links to the iTunes and the Google Play Store allow easy download of the free app to Android and iPhone smartphones. Those links can also be found on the right-hand side bar on the home page.

Recycle Coach includes the information that is in the Recycling Program section of the website and the “Guide to Recycling” brochure. You can download a calendar with the collection schedule in your Section, and have reminders sent to you so you don’t miss your set-out dates. The calendar shows other events, such as the dates the Borough Trash Compactor is open. In addition, the collection schedule calendar shows Middlesex County events like free paper shredding and household hazardous waste collections. Click on “Details” to learn about the program and get directions to the various locations. You can have a reminder sent to you by email or text, so you don’t miss the date.

Use the “What Goes Where” section to find out how to dispose of a wide variety of household solid waste materials. Just enter the name of the item you are trying to get rid of and the answer comes up. Unlike many environmental internet sites, which give general answers such as “item is recyclable but not accepted in every community,” the answers from My-Waste are specific to South Plainfield and Middlesex County.

Easy, quick access to the Borough’s solid waste services is being provided through RecycleCoach Municipal Media Inc. For more information, call the Recycling Coordinator at 908.226.7621.