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Curbside Collection Updates

Curbside collection news on Friday, October 26: If your recycling bins were not emptied this week and you have already reported it, put them back out at the curb for collection on Monday. No makeups will be done on Saturday, due to expected severe weather.

The broken glass that many residents found in the roadway during the October 25 collection was caused by a worn gasket on the truck that was collecting in the neighborhoods around Park Avenue. Glass shards were sifting out of the truck body every time it started up again after a stop. The truck was pulled off the route, and the route was finished on Friday morning. Many residents quickly cleaned up; both our DPW and Solterra deployed street sweepers to removed the hazard. Thanks to all who helped.

Reagarding the changes in the collection program: keeping plastic bags out of the bin is the main focus for now.

There have been many inquiries about what to do with shredded paper. - recyclers do not want shredded paper at this time. The paper mills do not want it because it is very low value. All the long fibers have been cut up into little pieces, so it has no strength when you try to reform it into rolls. - putting shredded paper into you bin loose contaminates all the other materials. - putting shredded paper into a plastic bag introduces plastic into the bin, which is prohibited.

Recommendations: 1. shred as little as possible. If you are concerned about an address label, shred the address label, not the entire contents of the envelope or the entire magazine. 2. use a County paper shred event instead of doing your own shredding. 3. if you must shred at home, discard the shreds in your trash.

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