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Property Maintenance Information

Dear homeowners,

I will be posting articles on property maintenance throughout the year. They will be explaining the codes that I am using to determine any violations. The first is 288-6 Rubbish of Refuse on Private property. Rubbish is considered any noncombustible waste materials with the exception of garbage. Refuse is considered trash or garbage.

Please remember that any Bulk Pick Up must be scheduled with the Public works department prior to placing any items out for disposal. Items may only be placed at the curb (2) days prior to the scheduled pickup. Your pickup must be scheduled with the Public Works department. You can contact them @ 908-755-2187. Failure to schedule a pickup and placing items out at the curb could result in code 288-6 being applied to this situation.

Thank You,

John B Abbruzzese

Acting Property Maintenance Officer

Office # 908-226-7632